Carbide End Mills and Holders

Carbide and HSS Cutting tools:

Colorado Mold Supply stocks a huge supply of Premium Quality cutting tools for Precision Machining. We offer many of the most popular coatings for wear resistance from AlTin to (PVD) Amorphous Diamond as well as our Revolutionary NanoComposite Coating Process on our NanoTek line to handle ALL possible applications.

We have been particularly successful in helping buyers and engineers find the very best, most long lasting and cost effective tool for their production needs whether it be in standard sizes or SPECIALS which we can have made and stock specifically for your company.

Carbide End Mills and Holders

To see and SHOP a partial line of our Endmills, Micro-Endmills, Threadmills, Drill Mills, Drills, Chamfer Mills, Reamers, Burs, Countersinks, and Taps and Dies “CLICK HERE”.

“Contact Us” to discuss SPECIALS or anything you do not find in the online store. The current online store contains roughly 70% of our total available cutting tool selection.

Collets and Chucks:

Colorado Mold Supply offers a large array of tool holding solutions. “Contact US” to learn more.

Turning Tools and Carbide Inserts:

We offer a full line of Dorian and Hitachi high quality turning Tools and Carbide Inserts.