Heaters for Injection Molding

At Colorado Mold Supply we stock what we sell even if only one of our customers uses a particular product.  If we do not have a particular heating element in stock  we work with a manufacturer that provides us with consistent high quality and very competitive pricing on Enclosure Heaters, HD Cartridge Heaters, HD Immersion Heaters, Flange Immersion Heaters, Drum Heaters, Flexible Silicone Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters, Mineral Insulated Band Heaters, Finned HD Strip Heaters, Mica Band Heaters, High Density and Mineral Insulated Strip Heaters, Mica Strip Heaters, Flexible Tubular Heaters, Thermocouples, RTD’s, and much more. Just ask.

We will consider pricing based on your anticipation of quantities needed and frequency of purchase. We have no problem stocking something we don’t already carry based on your word that you will need it again. We also are proud to offer Controller Repair and Recalibration Services at competitive prices as well. Request a Quote today and give Colorado Mold Supply a chance at becoming your trusted partner for your Plastics Processing needs.